TEDx Whitehaven
Promotional Video


REACT Foundation
Inspiring Engineers of the Future

A promotional video produced for the event organisers of TEDx Whitehaven to update supporters and attract new followers on social media during the planning stage of their event. 

A promotional video marking the 10th anniversary of the REACT Foundation. Used to raise the Foundation's profile on YouTube and screened to raise sponsorship at its fundraising event.


Alzheimer's Society
Singing for the Brain

Age UK West Cumbria
Happy Days

A film promoting the work of the Alzheimer's Society in Cumbria, where groups such as Singing for the Brain are helping people with dementia to lead an active, healthy life.

A DVD of 30 short films designed to improve social, physical and nutritional well-being among older people. Distributed by Age UK to people receiving care across Cumbria.