Futamura Group
 Innovia Films
Micro-Optical 3D Security Labels

A video promoting NatureFlex, a next generation biodegradable packaging film produced by Futamura. Used as a sales and marketing tool at international trade fairs and expos.


A video introducing an innovative 3D security label developed by Innovia Films incorporating new anti-counterfeiting technology developed by Rolling Optics.

Imperious Technologies
Jolt App

R3i Challenge


A video introducing Jolt - a revolutionary new app for motor claims. Used by Imperious Technologies to promote Jolt via its website, social media platforms and Channel 5's Gadget Show.


Screened at the launch of a groundbreaking entrepreneurial initiative, this video challenges employees to turn smart ideas into successful businesses with support from R3i.


Fusion Go
Business Accelerator Programme


Cumbria Business Growth Hub
Uncover PR & Marketing


Fusion Go commissioned this video to kick-start the launch of its business accelerator programme, which aims to help entrepreneurs and start-ups to grow their businesses.


Presentations and panel discussions filmed before a live audience. These videos form part of the Growth Hub's toolkit - an online resource developed by UCLan for SMEs in Cumbria. 

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