Age UK West Cumbria
Happy Days

A DVD featuring 30 short films promoting social, physical and nutritional well-being among older people receiving care. Together with an accompanying flip-book this DVD provides stimulus for group activities and reminiscence sessions as part of Age UK's Target Wellbeing programme. Sample videos can be viewed below.

A tune a day


Down on the farm


Gone fishing


Musician Billy Bowman reminisces about his music career and the positive role music plays in his life.


Traditional sheep farmer Pauline talks about life on her farm and puts sheepdog Dan through his paces.


Fly-fishing for salmon on the River Derwent in Cumbria with local anglers John and Jack.

Bowled over
  Walk in the country   Gardening


Enjoying a game of Jumbles at Croft Bowling Club; the social and health benefits of joining a bowling club.


A video inspiring viewers to enjoy a country ramble or a stroll down memory lane.


Working in the greenhouse or tending to the garden; a relaxing pastime with  health benefits too.

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